Обложка книги The Corporate Shaman: A Business Fable

The Corporate Shaman: A Business Fable

ISBN: 0060008393;
Издательство: HarperBusiness

Shaman -- a Siberian word for "one who sees in the dark" -- refers to healers who for over 40,000 years have entered an altered state of mind at will and journeyed to other worlds, using the power, wisdom, and energies of those worlds to create positive change in people and the environments in which they live. Since shamanic practices are aimed at healing individuals and since business organizations are nothing more than groups of individuals, it follows that these powerful methods are successful when used to heal and restore spirit to businesses. Out of this idea emerges the corporate shaman, a consultant who recognizes the business as organism, not machine, and reestablishes healthy internal environments in corporations. PRIMETEC is a midsize company in crisis. Without realizing that he is a major part of the problem, CEO Leon King is pointing the finger at his executives, managers, and just about everyone else. As a result, the company's executives are caught in a...

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