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Jo Condrill, Jo Condrill

101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly, third printing, revised

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ISBN: 0966141490
Издательство: GoalMinds
Have you ever blown a deal, a job interview, a promotion, or a relationship because you just couldn't think of the right words to say? Have you ever agonized over what you would've, could've, or should've said? 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly is a terrific treasury of tips and techniques that gets right to the point. Crisp, clear "how to" information is presented "bullet" style for beginners and pros alike. By scanning the book, you can discover your strong points quickly, then notice areas where you might need improvement. Concentrate on the most pressing need first. Could you be a better listener? Screen out distractions. Turn off TV, radios, beepers and focus on the speaker. Tune out nearby conversations. Nothing you can do will make others feel more important than giving them your full attention. Could you be a more persuasive speaker? Know what you want to say, think before you talk, know what your listener wants. Who can benefit fr! om this book? ...
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