Обложка книги The Eleven Keys To Leadership

The Eleven Keys To Leadership

ISBN: 0809228793;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Are leaders born or made? How can I become a more successful leader in my organization? What do I need to do to meet the challenges of the new workplace? Dayle M. Smith, Ph.D., answers these and other crucial questions for every aspiring leader. In an engaging, authoritative discussion of the latest leadership thinking--illustrated by real-world examples of corporate and institutional management at its best--she offers practical tools and techniques yon call use today to * Discover your own leadership potential * Create the leadership style that fits your purpose * Use the power of vision to motivate performance * Develop the special leadership skills you need to build successful teams * Mentor others on the fast track for leadership * Exercise power andlead with confidence in all situations What the Experts Are Saying "This is the book I recommend when someone asks me how they can develop better leadership abilities. A true gem!" --Joan Fujii, Vice President Cost Plus World Markets...