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Ted Hutchin

Constraint Management in Manufacturing: Optimising the Supply Chain

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ISBN: 0415285194
Издательство: T&F STM
This book is about making money out of the supply chain. There is much discussion about what exactly supply chain management really is and how the principle of 'Lean Management' can be properly applied to manufacturing. The approach developed by Dr. Goldratt known as the 'Theory of Cobstraints' has been gaining ground in both the US and the UK. Constraint Mangaement in Manufcaturing argues that without a constraint management perspective, both supply chain management and lean thinking lack focus. This book is intended for both the practitioner and the researcher. The book address the incresing demand to create an approach to the manufacturing process which places constraint management into an overall perspective and links it to the the creative use of new technologies such as the world wide web.