Обложка книги The Inclusion Breakthrough

The Inclusion Breakthrough

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ISBN: 1576751392; 9781576751398;
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

The Inclusion Breakthrough, by the principals of one of the most prominent consulting firms in the diversity area, focuses on how to make diversity and inclusion a central part of an organization's strategy for succeeding in competitive marketplaces, instead of the common approaches that put diversity at the periphery of the organization's strategy (as a human relations, public relations, or problem-minimization tactic). It focuses on the five key elements of an inclusion breakthrough: leadership and workforce competencies, enabling policies and practices, leveraging a diverse workforce, delivering enhanced value to the marketplace, and community and social responsibility. The Inclusion Breakthrough shows how today's organizations can boost their success by building workplace cultures that draw on the strengths of a diverse workforce. Grounded in real-world business practices, the book presents a specific, tested, and proven methodology for systemic change that will unleash the...