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Stacy Zemon, Zemon

The Mobile DJ Handbook: How to Start & Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey Service, Second Edition

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ISBN: 0240804899
Издательство: Focal Press
The Mobile DJ Handbook, Second Edition continues to be an excellent guide for novice and experienced DJs looking to build a successful career as the owner-operator of a mobile disc jockey service. Complete with practical tips, expert advice, and creativestrategies, this book serves as the perfect guide on how to market and sell your services as well as develop and expand your business. This book contains information on becoming a professional, securing bookings, buying equipment and music, and running party dances, contests, and games. Included within the text are sample contracts, an advertisement and brochure, and resource information. The Mobile DJ Handbook is an essential reference guide which offers readers all the knowledge and inspiration needed to run a profitable enterprise. *New equipment, technology, and practical business advice are integrated *Includes chapters ranging from performance and professionalism, sales and mareting, dancing and games,...