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Lorraine Monroe

The Monroe Doctrine: An ABC Guide to What Great Bosses Do

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ISBN: 1586481746
Издательство: PublicAffairs
For educators, administrators, and businessfolk: An A-Z of straightforward lessons on becoming--and remaining--a truly great boss. Leadership is the key to excellence. And leadership can be learned. Thank goodness, because many people who fall into managerial positions haven't the foggiest notion how to lead. They don't feel driven to attain the competencies of a boss--much less a great boss. Lorraine Monroe is a born leader. She caught the bug early, as secretary of the student council in the fourth grade at P.S. 157 in Central Harlem. She went on to found the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, a remarkably successful and innovative public school, and became one of the most respected education reformers in America. Now Monroe translates her extensive experience in New York City public schools into the "Monroe Doctrine" to show other education and business leaders how to create and maintain high-achieving organizations. The Monroe Doctrine offers readers concrete...