Обложка книги Think to Win : Strategic Dimension of Tennis, The

Think to Win : Strategic Dimension of Tennis, The

ISBN: 0060982004;
Издательство: Perennial
Страниц: 208

"This book will flat-out help you win". Charles Hoeveler, Founder and President, Adidas Tennis Camps International, and number-one-ranked player in the world, 1992, Men's Senior Division "Think to Win is an absolutely unique book, revealing the intricate form and function of the art of tennis, explaining the ever-present linkage of strokes and tactics, strategies and psychologies. Allen Fox, a world-class player and tennis thinker, has written a brilliant and witty book which will highly benefit players and coaches from all levels of the game". David A.Benjamin, Executive Director, Intercollegiate Tennis Association, and Men's Tennis Coach, Princeton University "Allen Fox's brilliant insights on strategy will benefit players at all levels, from the kids that attend my tennis camps to the nationally ranked players on my Stanford team. And as sophisticated as it is, it's a...