Обложка книги Bereavement at Work: A Practical Guide

Bereavement at Work: A Practical Guide

ISBN: 0715628615;
Издательство: Duckworth Publishing

3,500 people die every day in the UK. Their death may affect the workplace in many ways. If an employee dies or the partner of an employee, their manager will need to sort out the difficult practical issues that arise from death. How should one refer to what has happened? What influence does religion have? How much time for emotional recovery is reasonable? These are just some of the issues discussed in the book. This book breaks new ground in placing bereavement on the management agenda ratherthan leaving a company's response to chance. It is an essential guide for anyone in an organization who has to take responsibility in case of death, from managers, human resources and occupational health specialists, to welfare officers and trade union representatives.

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