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Mark Fischetti, Bill Cooke, Howard Muson

Building Strong Family Teams

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ISBN: 0967374537
Издательство: Family Business Pub Co
Building Strong Family Teams is the complete resource for creating and sustaining effective sibling, cousin, husband-wife, and executive and employee teams. Published by the editors of Family Business magazine, the only magazine written expressly forthe owners of family companies, the handbook lays out the basic challenges for family members and employees who need training in how to lead, manage and work collectively. It addresses the special issues that must be faced by sibling partnerships, cousin consortia, and husband-wife duos -- all intense and potentially volatile forms of management. It offers numerous strategies from the country's leading team experts for creating great executive and employee teams, and lots of street-smart advice from business leaders on how to make these teams work effectively. The handbook explains how to unify family stakeholders. It tells how to handle the actual transition from a single company leader to a team. Finally, it provides an...
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