Обложка книги Captain Rhino's Progress: An Allegory of the Workplace

Captain Rhino's Progress: An Allegory of the Workplace

ISBN: 1890437867;
Издательство: Western Reflections

Captain Rhino is the one in command of the SS. Progress, a fact that his passengers understand quite well. When the Progress runs into trouble, the Captain is loathe to accepting any advice. While Praiseworthy Pig and Olivia Owl continue to reassure the Captain of his ability to solve the problem, Emory Elephant and Silas Skunk devise a plan, strictly forbidden by policy that "rocks the boat." Who could guess that a policy must be broken before the problem can be solved? Captain Rhino's Progress is abook for all ages. Keep it handy in case you get a reprimand at work, perform it as a play at a staff party, secretly slip a copy on the desk of your boss, or use it in your classroom and have the children pick their hero. Warning: The passengers mayresemble someone you know! If so, it's best to keep it to yourself.

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