Обложка книги From Diversity to Unity: Creating the Energy of Connection

From Diversity to Unity: Creating the Energy of Connection


ISBN: 0595274633;
Издательство: iUniverse

The global workplace offers fertile ground to establish a new blueprint for change in human relationships. Based on unity and borrowing from the field of quantum physics, this approach to diversity represents a complete paradigm shift in how to build meaningful relationships across differences. Developing these skills is what we call Creating the Energy of Connection. This book gives individuals the tools to create new patterns within themselves thereby setting the stage for a new set of dynamics to emerge in their relationships with others. By practicing any of the powerful Key Tasks provided in each chapter, individuals discover within themselves the energy to generate open mindedness and authenticity while learning to go beyond their past conditioningin connecting with others. Building on principles of unity and connectedness, this book gives individuals the skills to let go of limiting ego-based beliefs, and create relationships that foster trust, provide opportunities for new...

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