Обложка книги Managerial Excellence Through Diversity: Text & Cases

Managerial Excellence Through Diversity: Text & Cases

ISBN: 1577660161;
Издательство: Waveland Pr Inc

Learning to respond effectively to the increasingly diverse business environment! We all confront and respond to various forms of diversity every day. The ability to recognize and respond to diversity of all kinds is a skill needed for success in and around business organizations today. This book, now available from Waveland Press, focuses on the challenge of how individuals and organizations can address and adapt to diversity effectively, efficiently and productively. Although no text can raise and address every potential manifestation of diversity, this casebook provides a tool kit of perspectives and critical thinking skills that help develop the individual and organizational abilities needed to reap the benefits of diversity. It also offers a series of case examples wherein the reader can begin to practice the application of these perspectives and skills. Finally, it offers an approach to self-assessment regarding one's own individual leadership motivations and readiness around...