Обложка книги Mental Toughness for the Workplace

Mental Toughness for the Workplace

ISBN: 0974506699;
Издательство: RaveSystems

Learn the mental toughness secrets used by championship athletes to get the competitive edge at work! Do you feel drained by corporate change? Are you constantly stressed out? Do you wish you could do more and worry less? Now you can! In today's changing corporate landscape, the ability to remain both focused and relaxed is essential to success. This workbook teaches a simple mental toughness system in 4 easy steps. Developing your mental toughness will allow you to lower your stress while increasing your both your focus and performance at work. Not only will your ability to work improve, you will also feel more relaxed and comfortable at work as you learn to release stress and develop positive mental habits. Start developing the competitive edge that athletes have been using to succeed for years! Get mentally tough with Mental Toughness for the Workplace!

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