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Timothy F. Carse, Jeffrey Slater

The Payroll Toolkit Nuts and Bolts Techniques to Help You Better Understand and Manage Your Payroll (Revised Second Edition)

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ISBN: 0970383800
Издательство: Penn & Pearl Publishers
This book is a practical self-study instruction and reference guide that deals with the concepts and procedures associated with operating a payroll for a business. It provides the reader with a practical ?how to? approach to the basics of payroll accounting and administration. It covers the topics of the hiring process, laws affecting payroll accounting and administration, calculating gross pay, social security and Medicare taxes, federal withholding taxes, and other various deductions. Certainchapters deal with accounting journal entries for a pay period, as well as the various payroll accounting records and documents that must be created, updated, and retained by a business. Payroll tax deposits and preparation of the W-2, W-3, 940, 941, and1099 forms are discussed. The book has three appendices, which deal with resource information on a federal and state level, as well as a complete glossary and index.