Обложка книги The Management of Ideas in the Creating Organization

The Management of Ideas in the Creating Organization

ISBN: 1567201687;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Of the three key resources important to organizations--money, people, and ideas--the least developed in corporations and organizations of almost any type is the third resource: ideas. Tropman goes beyond the popular notions of the "learning organization"to propose the "creating organization," an organization which understands that the initiation, development, and implementation of ideas is the key to organizational success in the next century. Who, for example, handles the store of ideas? Management knows who handles the money, but what about ideas? Tropman introduces the concepts of IdeaManagement and IdeaLeadership and calls them central to success at work both in the public and private sectors. "The ability to generate ideas and put them quickly intoaction will be the next competitive edge," says Tropman. How this works in today's organizations and how it must work in tomorrow's is laid out here. Important reading for management at all levels and for their colleagues in the...

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