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Anthony C. Nwadei

The Relationship Between Perceived Values Congruence and Organizational Commitment in Multinational Organization

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ISBN: 1581122136
Издательство: Dissertation.Com.
American, African, European, and Middle Eastern (N = 420) technical professional employees of a multinational organization were surveyed to explore the relationship between perceived values congruence (PVC) and organizational commitment (OC). PVC was looked at as a function of fit between: (a) person s and organization s actual values and (b) organization s espoused and actual values. Four dimensions of values (ethics, people, change, and bottom line) and three components of OC (affective, continuance, and normative) were considered. The key findings of the study were: (a) PVC was related to OC; (b) the relationship was different for each component of OC and socio-cultural group; and (c) the regression models that described these relationships showed that each socio-cultural group was most strongly associated with a different dimension of values: change for Americans, bottom line for Africans, people for Europeans, and ethics for Middle Easterners.
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