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Olivier Chavaren

Trust Within Global Virtual Teams: Antecedents, Facilitators, and Sustainability Factors

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ISBN: 059527577X
Издательство: iUniverse
“Within our globalized world, how to make men and women with very different cultures, customs, and time zones work together efficiently? This is a piercing question for the corporate world that Olivier Chavaren has perfectly identified. Admittedly,it is almost unrealistic and paradoxical to want to strengthen the bonds of mutual trust between people who globalization sends further away every day, one from another. But the solutions evoked here turn out to be very appealing. Even beyond tools, the professional and personal relationship may first of all depend upon the humanity of the individuals themselves.”—Etienne Leenhardt, Correspondent for FRANCE 2 (French TV) in Washington, DC "A meaningful theoretical framework coupled with a solid survey within global teams. An excellent book that every international manager should read."—Bruce McWhirter, Senior VP, Tax & Treasury, EQUANT (telecom networks, operating in 220 countries)
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