Обложка книги Workplace Workout

Workplace Workout

ISBN: 0972401709;
Издательство: Femergence Int'l

Workplace Workout, which includes a 5 min relaxation cd and an exercise band, helps women achieve health (intellectually, emotionally, physically, & spiritually), using their workspace/commute, to free up time for our families and communities when the workday ends. The workbook illustrates the need for "self" care before being able to benefit others through 10 simple healthy tips (eating, sleeping, breathing, calcium, protein, etc), and an exercise/relaxation protocol designed for office use. The end of the manual informs women of the major health concerns we face (diabetes, heart disease, breast and gyn cancers, osteoporosis, and sexually transmitted infections) and how lifestyle choices can minimize our experience of these illnesses.

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