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Sheldon Bowles, Richard Silvano, Susan Silvano

Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management

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ISBN: 1401301355
Издательство: Hyperion
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 176
Kingdomality involves the story of a mythical king presiding over a chaotic kingdom in which nothing seems to get done because the subjects are unhappy, unreliable, and in constant conflict. Much like many nonperforming workers today, they have been assigned tasks that they are completely unsuited for. A visiting wizard grants the king one wish to straighten the whole mess out, delivering management consultant Lady Elizabeth, who introduces the book's theory on 12 personality types and the jobs that make them happy. To participate in the fun, readers are invited to take an online test at http://www.kindomality.com and discover their personality types. The results may be quite revealing and not necessarily what you might expect!