Обложка книги Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Study of Successes

Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Study of Successes

ISBN: 1567205364;
Издательство: Quorum Books

Who are the entrepreneurs who have achieved success, wealth, and recognition in their African homelands and how did they do it? Entrepreneur Dave Fick interviewed several hundred women and men who were to willing to assume risks, often spectacular ones, for personal economic gain--but who did it legally, ethically, and who are now giving back to their nations and societies at least as much as they received. They speak openly and their accounts are remarkable. We gain insights into the way business must be done under harsh political and economic circumstances, but we also learn unusual techniques and strategies that others in more favorable milieus can use to accomplish similar feats. With commentaries from notable scholars and other businesspeople and with Fick's own first-hand onsite observations, the book offers a unique portrait of the extraordinary people who are changing the economic face of Africa, and in doing so, changing the world as well.

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