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V. R., Ph.D. Buzzotta, R. E., Ph.D. Lefton, Alan, Ph.D. Cheney, Ann, Ph.D. Beatty

Making Common Sense Common Practice: Achieving High Performance Using What You Already Know

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ISBN: 1574441949
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press
The business world today is full of buzzwords such as empowerment, teamwork, and continuous improvement. In a desperate attempt to get a jump on the competition, many business leaders are so busy searching for the "next big idea" that something importantis being overlooked-common sense! Making Common Sense Common Practice tells you how to get full use of the most powerful management tool around-your own common sense. Learn how to trust yourself when it comes to making leadership decisions and sound judgments. Learn how to take tension that sidetracks high performance and turn it into an energizing, creative force. Learn how to use what you already know!Using five common sense techniques, you will discover how to lead your people to build a high-performance organization. Grounded on the common sense principle that manager-leaders are regulators of tension in the workplace, Making Common Sense Common Practice discusses pragmatic actions that raise and lower tension, keeping it in the...