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David A. Shapiro

Choosing the Right Thing to Do: In Life, at Work, in Relationships, and for the Planet

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ISBN: 1576750574, 9781576750575
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Год издания: 2011
This enlightening book helps readers internalize the process by which they make decisions in order to, ultimately, set a moral example. Choosing the Right Thing to Do is different because it stresses practice over theory and doesn't lecture on morality; rather, it provides tools for learning how to do the right thing - a matter that is different for everyone. The author introduces a moral "spectrum" through which readers can view the decisions they face every day. This spectrum is comprised of seven "moral prisms," including: *the Virtue Ethics prism, which asks: What would the most virtuous person I know do in this situation? *the Deontological prism, which asks: What would I do if everyone in the world were to do as I did? *the Egoist prism, which asks: What course of action will most effectively ensure that my short- and long-term goals are reached? In Choosing the Right Thing to Do , the principles behind these questions are the key to the ability...