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Angeliki Burriel

A 21st Century of Maximum Civilization or Chaotic-Anarchy and Epidemics

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ISBN: 1553692284
Издательство: Not Avail
There are two diametrically different wolds on earth. One is well defined by the high quality of life resulting from wealth and a high living standard, the other the exact opposite. The two run in parallel, the latter dreaming of the former, but the former rarely thinking of the latter. In these two so different worlds people view their problems and those of others through their individual cognitive map. Those lucky to live well view the problems of the others, the unlucky, as non-consequential to them. Disease, hunger, crime, drug abuse, strife and death from misery and war are the problems of those others becoming of consequence to the lucky only when they are not easily bypassed. Even then, the lucky think of the unlucky as that they are themselves the causes of their troubling misery. In past centuries the latter was resulting from their inferiority as people and races. Today misery is a problem caused by their backwardness, lack of education, corruption and! lack of ability to...
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