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Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski, John Williamson

After the Washington Consensus: Restarting Growth and Reform in Latin America

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ISBN: 0881323470
Издательство: Institute for International Economics
This volume is a successor of sorts to an earlier study, Toward Renewed Economic Growth in Latin America (Institute for International Economics; 1986), which blazed the trail for the market-oriented economic reforms that were adopted in Latin America in the subsequent years. It again presents the work of a group of leading economists (*) who were asked to think about the nature of the economic policy agenda that the region should be pursuing after the better part of a decade that was punctuated by crises, achieved disappointingly slow growth, and saw no improvement in the region's highly skewed income distribution. It diagnoses the first-generation (liberalizing and stabilizing) reforms that are still lacking, the complementary second-generation (institutional) reforms that are necessary to provide the institutional infrastructure of a market economy with an egalitarian bias, and the new initiatives that are needed to crisis-proof the economies of the region to end its perpetual...