Обложка книги Global Trading Systems (Tauris Financial Histories)

Global Trading Systems (Tauris Financial Histories)


ISBN: 1860640583;
Издательство: I.B.Tauris

In recent years trade has been transformed by significant growth and the increased interdependence of countries. But this very increase in world trade has brought problems, with disputes over markets, tariffs, and profit. Attempts to address these problems led to the foundation of GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Despite successive rounds, GATT has not been the hoped-for success. Disputes over dumping, problems over subsidies, accusations that it is a rich man’s club continue.Is an international trade organization ever be possible? The editors of this comprehensive reference source bring together 100 major articles tracing the major developments and evaluating the key issues relating to this major global concern.