Обложка книги The Atlanta Paradox (Multi City Study of Urban Inequality)

The Atlanta Paradox (Multi City Study of Urban Inequality)

ISBN: 0871548089;
Издательство: Russell Sage Foundation Publications

Despite the rapid creation of jobs in the greater Atlanta region, poverty in the city itself remains surprisingly high, and Atlanta's economic boom has yet a to play a significant role in narrowing the gap between the suburban rich and the city poor. This book investigates the key factors underlying this paradox. The authors show that the legacy of past residential segregation as well as the more recent phenomenon of urban sprawl both work against inner city blacks. The book also presents some promising signs. The emergence of a dynamic, black middle class and the success of many black-owned businesses in the area also give the authors reason to hope that racial inequality will not remain entrenched in a city where so much else has changed. The Atlanta Paradox is essential reading for all those concerned with economic and racial inequalities in America's cities and metropolitan areas.