Обложка книги The Unofficial Guide to Managing Time

The Unofficial Guide to Managing Time

ISBN: 0028636678; 9780028636672;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Time is of the essence -- and no one seems to have enough of it. But before people can begin to manage time and gain control of their lives, they need to understand why they got out of control in the first place. The Unofficial Guide to Managing Time covers every aspect of life -- not just the nine-to-five grind -- with inside tips on setting priorities and goals, scheduling that works (without wasting additional time!), organizing, delegating, and initiating rather than reacting in personal, business, creative, academic, and family spheres. Readers learn to Ask for help -- and let go once tasks have been delegated Make best use of tools that help beat the clock, from calendars to computers to the telephone and more Maintain good time management habits by using relaxation and exercise Adapt timely skills for individual lifestyles -- parents (new, used, and single), fast-track career people, students, and creative souls.

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