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Jairo A. Arboleda

Voices of the Poor in Colombia: Strengthening Livelihoods, Families and Communities

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ISBN: 0821358022
Издательство: World Bank Publications
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThis latest Voices of the Poor study advances the participatory research tradition of the previous World Bank Voices works with new modules focusing on poor peoples' action recommendations. In the summer of 2002, 942 poor women and men from ten poor communities of Colombia discussed urgent problems facing their families and communities. They shared their experiences, frustrations and hopes for improving their deteriorating livelihood prospects, the pervasive violence afflicting theirhomes and communities, and the very poor educational and training opportunities availably locally. Voices of the Poor in Colombia also includes proposals, developed by the communities, that they believe can bring real improvements to their lives. Two broad patterns emerge from the more than 250 action recommendations developed. First, poor people view problems of livelihood, insecurity and education as tightly connected, and progress will have to be made simultaneously on all...
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