Обложка книги Institutional Reforms : The Case of Colombia

Institutional Reforms : The Case of Colombia

ISBN: 0262511827;
Издательство: The MIT Press

Book DescriptionThese studies of Colombian economic, political, and social institutions offer not only theoretically grounded analyses but also practical recommendations for policy reform. Experts from the United States, Europe, and Colombia approach such problems as executive-legislative branch conflict, fragmented political parties, crime prevention, inefficient decentralization, and mistargeted social spending from a political economics perspective. Their findings provide an illuminating example of the way ideas from this relatively new area of research can be applied to real-world problems. Colombia suffers not only from institutional problems -- many of which may stem from its overly rigid 1991 constitution -- but also high rates of violent crime, endemic drug trafficking, guerrilla warfare, and political corruption; the authors do not shrink from these topics, but treat them for the most part from an institutional perspective. Following a useful overview of recent...