Обложка книги Capitalism with a Comrade's Face

Capitalism with a Comrade's Face

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ISBN: 9639116068;
Издательство: Central European University Press

Are nations that are moving away from communism succeeding in becoming free-market democracies? In what ways do decades of totalitarian rule continue to distort the institutional shape of these societies? Which of communism's legacies will remain as permanent features of their landscape? To answer these questions, this book analyses the turbulent transitions that have taken place in the post-communist world since 1989-91. Each chapter dissects institutional upheaval in transition-central banking, thetrade union movement, capital markets, or corporate governance. The authors stress the links between what was and what will be the social fabric of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They expose the fragility of political and economic institutions that can easily threaten the region's rebirth, but they also believe that many post-communist countries are successfully seizing the opportunity to become reunited with the West and the global economy.

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