Обложка книги Energy Revolution: Policies for a Sustainable Future

Energy Revolution: Policies for a Sustainable Future

ISBN: 1559639652;
Издательство: Island Press

The transformation from a carbon-based world economy to one based on high efficiency and renewables is a necessary step if human society is to achieve sustainability. But while scientists and researchers have made significant advances in energy efficiency and renewable technologies in recent years, consumers have yet to see dramatic changes in the marketplace?due in large part to government policies and programs that favor the use of fossil fuels. Energy Revolution examines the policy options for mitigating or removing the entrenched advantages held by fossil fuels and speeding the transition to a more sustainable energy future, one based on improved efficiency and a shift to renewable sources such as solar, wind, and bioenergy. The book: examines today's energy patterns and trends and their consequences describes the barriers to a more sustainable energy future and how those barriers can be overcome provides ten case studies of integrated strategies that have been...

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