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William J. Rothwell

The Workplace Learner

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ISBN: 0814406742
Издательство: American Management Association
The increasing dominance of distance learning and Web-based training means employees no longer have to schedule a class weeks in advance to learn something they need to know immediately. And with so much learning taking place outside of the classroom, it's more important than ever for trainers to focus in on individual employees. Based on groundbreaking original research, The Workplace Learner gives trainers the insights and tools they need to implement real-time individual learning. Renowned training expert William J. Rothwell explains the competencies of effective workplace learners, and how the trainer can: * Identify the drivers and barriers to effective learning * Develop the ability of individual employees to learn * Target training programs to the individual trainee's level of learning competence Featuring checklists, worksheets, assessment instruments, and other practical tools, The Workplace Learner helps trainers make their innovative ...