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James Tobin

Full Employment and Growth: Futher Keynesian Essays on Policy

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ISBN: 1858987741
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Full Employment and Growth presents James Tobin's unique modern Keynesian slant on the major monetary, fiscal and international policy issues of the 1990s. More than twenty recent essays collected together in this volume address the major contemporaryissues of macroeconomic policy, especially in America. Usually dissenting from the orthodoxies of the day, both liberal and conservative, Professor Tobin offers a common sense, unhysterical view of public deficits and debt, speaks for pragmatic monetary policies, argues against protectionism and favors slowing down the speculative movement of funds between currencies. The author also presents his own suggestions for reform of social security and health care. Again and again, Professor Tobin warns against blind faith that the markets will always produce optimal results. All those interested in the application of economic analysis and argument to the salient policy issues of our time will find these essays eminently ...
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