Обложка книги Living a Sustainable Lifestyle for Our Children's Children

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle for Our Children's Children

ISBN: 0595200133;
Издательство: Authors Choice Press

Global population growth and over consumption are putting our children at risk. But many are only dimly aware of the consequences of current human lifestyles on the Earth. Living a Sustainable Lifestyle: for Our Children's Children shows how sustainable development is a way of changing lifestyle habits so there will be less impact on nature. It cuts across many concerns facing society today, suggesting how we can move beyond present risks. The book describes sustainability, clearly demonstrating how humans can find the means to coexist in a manner that maintains biodiversity, wildlands, and decent environments, while also achieving economic prosperity and equality for the present and future. Going beyond science, technology, and politics, this book discusses how we live and why we live the way we do, addressing the basics of life: how to know what is in our water, air, food, and land. It also challenges the reader to seriously think about how humans and nature interact. The...

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