Обложка книги Managing Scotland's Environment

Managing Scotland's Environment

ISBN: 0748613129;
Издательство: Edinburgh Univ ersity Press

Scotland's natural environment is its most treasured asset and the subject of its most vociferous debates. Why have the farms, forests, lochs and hills generated such passionate disagreement? Is it so difficult to reconcile the competing demands of society and nature? Can there really be no acceptable way of integrating the various land uses? These are the questions explored in this book. Written in the light of international thinking in environmental management and of the author's practical experience in the Scottish highlands, it tackles the hottest current debates--land reform, the future of farming, public access, conservation of moorland and birds of prey, the place of forestry, and the control of alien species and red deer--and takes up thechallenge of integrating conservation with social and economic objectives. The author also discusses the ethical and philosophical considerations that underlie the practical options. The book is illustrated with photographs and...