Обложка книги Room to Manoeuvre: Political Aspects of Full Employment

Room to Manoeuvre: Political Aspects of Full Employment

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ISBN: 0522848621;
Издательство: Paul & Co Pub Consortium

Room to Manoeuvre offers a unique research-based critique of contemporary Australian politics, strongly advocating a greater role for government and public processes generally in economic management. Boreham, Dow and Leet have developed a position quite opposite to the view dominant in Australia for the past two decades, which insists we ought to embrace globalisation and restructure the domestic economy in accordance with market principles. Using a highly original and challenging strategy, theyhave investigated unemployment policy performance in OECD countries over two decades. They argue that contemporary political efforts to liberalise the economy by limiting the role of the state are in fact a cause of the problem. This is a most important and timely book.

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