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Ann Cvetkovich, Douglas Kellner

Articulating the Global and the Local: Globalization and Cultural Studies (Cultural Studies Series)

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ISBN: 0813332206
Издательство: Westview Press
This book explores how discourses of tile local, tilt particular, the everyday, and the situated are being transformed by new discourses of globalization and transnationalism, as used both by government and business and in critical academic discourse, Unlike other studies that have focused on the politics and economics of globalization, Articulating the Global and the Local highlights the importance of culture and provides models for a cultural studies that addresses globalization and the dialectic of local and global forces. Arguing for the inseparability of global and local analysis, the book demonstrates how global forces enter into local situations and how ill turn global relations are articulated through local events, identities, and cultures; it includes studies of a wide range of cultural forms including sports, poetry, pedagogy ecology, dance, cities, and democratic Articulating the Global and the Local makes tile ambitious claim that the category of the local transforms the...