Обложка книги Living the Global City: Globalization As a Local Process

Living the Global City: Globalization As a Local Process

ISBN: 0415138868; 978-0415138864;
Издательство: Brunner-Routledge

Politicians and academics alike have made globalization the key reference point for interpreting the 1990s. For many, globalization threatens both community and the nation-state. It appears to represent forces beyond human control. Living the Global Citydocuments globalization's impact on everyday lives by drawing on research rather than rhetoric and arrives at a very different perspective. Living the Global City provides an introduction to the debates surrounding globalization and global/local processes. By advancing these debates through a redefinition of the terms in which they have been developed and an engagement with the everyday lives of people in a global city, this book reveals how such key concepts as community, culture, class, poverty, and identity can be reconceptualized in the context of global/local processes.