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Switzerland) World Trade Forum 2000 Neuchatel, Petros C. Mavroidis, Patrick Blatter, Thomas Cottier

The Role of the Judge: Lessons for the Wto (Studies in International Economics)

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ISBN: 0472113194
Издательство: University of Michigan Press
The incorporation of intellectual property protection into the WTO international trading system has been a milestone in international economic law and has added a new dimension to trade regulation?new rights and obligations and new challenges alike.The contributors, leading scholars and practitioners in the field, provide insights into the legal relationship of the TRIPs Agreement to the GATT 94 and the GATS. The book widens the debate with a thorough discussion on pending and unresolved relations of TRIPs, the WTO, UPOV, the Convention on Biodiversity and Farmers? Rights contained in the FAO International Undertaking, and efforts of the World Bank GCIAR system, including IPGRI. What will be the impact of TRIPs on ownership of plant genetic resources? Largely a victory for OECD countries, the present state of intellectual property rights has important implications for developing countries. The incorporation of intellectual property rights into the WTO system will...