Обложка книги Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain

Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain

ISBN: 157444347X;
Издательство: CRC Press

Around the world, virtually every company is engaged in some form of effort intended to improve the processing that takes place across an end-to-end supply chain system as they work towards moving their organizations to the next level of performance. Supply chain, particularly when enhanced with collaboration and Internet technology, is uniquely suited to helping an organization increase profits and decrease costs. A comprehensive guide to adding value to supply chain efforts, Using Models to Improve theSupply Chain demonstrates how leading firms have successfully integrated their supply chains and how they plan further progress through supply chain evolution.Using both generic and specific models, the author carefully explains just what's required for each function of the supply chain and outlines what takes place form lower to higher levels of progress. He emphasizes establishing the pathway to success, then finding the correct models to guide the effort, and finally, implementing...

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