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Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, Claudia Von Werlhof, Nicholas Faraclas, Claudia Von Werlhof

There Is an Alternative: Subsistence and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization

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ISBN: 1842770063
Издательство: Zed Books
In this book a group of distinguished authors explodes the defeatist myth that ‘there is no alternative’ to corporate sponsored globalization. Theoreticians and activists from feminist, environmental, anti-imperialist and anti-racist struggles across five continents report on existing community-based initiatives, and demonstrate how we can all defy the creed of corporate globalization. Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Maria Mies and her colleagues, which culminates in the elaboration of the ‘subsistence perspective’, the book is in three parts, dealing first with the theory of subsistence, then considering globalization as colonization and finally reporting on concrete cases of resistance to globalization in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Pacific. The subsistence perspective emerges as a fertile matrix for creative thinking and action to reclaim our labour, our communities, our environment, our bodies and our lives. ...