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Mark Bunting, Mark Seal

Virtual Power: Using Your PC to Realize the Life of Your Dreams

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ISBN: 0684838532
Издательство: Fireside Books
Do you want to * Set up an at-home business? * Communicate with others who have already done so? * Learn more about math, science, and history? * Meet people who have the same hobbies as you? * Find out about just about anything? The computer is your link, and media-savvy Mark Bunting promises to show you how. In his witty, adventurous, and incredibly informative style, Bunting gives you the know-how you need to use your computer as your partner in any project you undertake. After all, your computer is not merely an expensive machine bought for typing letters; it can become the most extraordinary tool at your disposal because it enables you to build, fix, or create whatever your want. Mark Bunting, the Bob Vila of the cyberworld, will dramatically change your relationship with your personal computer. He will help you realize a life of increased freedom and success -- the life of your dreams -- with your computer.