Обложка книги International Trade and Agriculture

International Trade and Agriculture

ISBN: 1405108002; 9781405108003;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers

Book DescriptionIn an increasingly globalized world, an understanding of the role of international trade is central to the study of agricultural economics and agribusiness. This text interweaves these two elements, explaining the theories and practices relevant to agricultural trade. Using real-life examples to explain theories and models, the text prepares readers to critically examine agricultural trade issues. Starting with the basic economics of trade, the text covers agricultural policies affecting trade flows, macroeconomic issues such as exchange rates and the balance of trade, and other important issues including foreign direct investment and the environment. Each chapter features overviews and summaries, key concepts, questions for review, and suggested readings. With its international focus, agricultural perspective, and engaging pedagogy, this text offers an innovative and accessible approach to the study of agricultural trade.

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