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Edward E. Potter, Judith A. Youngman

Keeping America Competitive: Employment Policy for the Twenty-First Century

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ISBN: 0944435289
Издательство: Glenbridge Publishing, Ltd.
Potter and Youngman describe competitiveness as the ability of individual enterprises to sell goods and services profitably in both domestic and foreign markets. The nation's continued prosperity now depends on the ability of U.S. companies to produce and market goods and services that can compete successfully in both price and quality with foreign companies. It is not widely understood that U.S. employment policy has an important bearing on this country's economic competitiveness, which translates into American capacity to create and provide jobs for American workers. Americans are asking why their traditional jobs and industries are disappearing and why their standard of living is not improving as it did in earlier decades. These questions must be addressed and Keeping America Competitive provides the answers.