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Stephen Franklin

Three Strikes: Labor's Heartland Losses and What They Mean for Working Americans

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ISBN: 1572304774
Издательство: The Guilford Press
This eloquently written book chronicles the massive, protracted strikes waged against three large corporations in Decatur, Illinois, in the 1990s. Veteran journalist Stephen Franklin shows how labor disputes at Bridgestone/Firestone, Caterpillar, and A. E. Staley left lasting scars on this town and its citizens--and marked a turning point in American labor history. When workers went on strike to retain such basic rights as job security and the 8-hour day, the corporations hit back with unprecedentedhard-line tactics. Through the moving stories of individual workers and union activists, Franklin illuminates the hardships and disillusionment left in the wake of the strikes, and the powerful forces that caught an unprepared labor leadership off guard.He vividly portrays how the balance of labor management power was shifted by corporate globalization, cutthroat labor practices, the outdated reponses of national unions and government regulators, and an apathetic public. Reflecting on...