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Coach Maureen O'Brien

Who's Got the Ball? (and Other Nagging Questions About Team Life) : A Player's Guide for Work Teams (Jossey-Bass Management Series)

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ISBN: 0787900575, 9780787900571
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Год издания: 1995
Страниц: 188
More than a fad, teaming is proving to be a new way of organizational life, with eight out of every ten employees now involved in some kind of teamwork. But how exactly does one play on a team at work? While there are plenty of manuals, trainers, and theories that help managers create, lead, and reward teams, actual team members are often left struggling without a handbook or a coach. With refreshing clarity and common sense, Maureen O'Brien, a team expert with more than twenty years of experience as a player, coach, and business consultant, offers one-on-one coaching tips to team players in Who's Got the Ball? The author covers all the bases, from setting a team's goals and articulating its noble purpose, to banishing boring meetings, deciding how to make decisions, and even using flip charts effectively. Friendly and conversational, O'Brien offers experience-based, easy-to-implement guidelines that are eminently practical and surprisingly fun. Her...