Обложка книги Screening the Market

Screening the Market


ISBN: 0471215597; 9780471215592;
Издательство: Wiley

An Accessible and Systematic Stock Screening Method to Improve Profits Praise for SCREENING the MARKET "Marc Gerstein turns the chancy art of picking stocks into a screen-based science. Next time someone tells you to do your stock market homework, tell them you read this book." ?Thom Calandra, Editor in Chief, CBS.MarketWatch.com "Many times on my radio show my listeners ask what they can read to help them with their investing. Marc has hit the nail on the head with his four-step method to find, analyze, buy, and, the hardest part for many investors, when to sell stocks. I will now recommend Screening the Market as a must-read for all investors, beginning to advanced." ?Brent Wilsey, Host of Smart Investing, KFMBAM 760 San Diego, California "A must-read for investors looking to dissect the stock market and find winning stocks. Gerstein simplifies the seemingly complex process of screening stocks, a key tool of the pros, to make...

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