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Rick Maurer

Why Don't You Want What I Want? How to Win Support for Your Ideas without Hard Sell, Manipulation, or Power Plays

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ISBN: 1885167563
Издательство: Bard Press (TX)
In Why Don't You Want What I Want? Rick Maurer introduces you to a high integrity process that enables you and the other person to create outcomes you both fully support. Without the old-style hard sell, manipulation, and power plays, he shows you how toturn resistance into support and use 6 principles of engagement to help you persuade while you build relationships and get your ideas into action. Drawing on theory and practice from psychology, management, theater, mediation, principled negotiation,and the philosophy of Martin Buber, Rick offers a powerful book that will enable you to build bridges and get results. Interviews with Senator George Mitchell, chair of the North Ireland Peace Process; Alan Alda, award winning actor and director; Lynne Jacobs, noted therapist and psychoanalyst; Neil Rackham, researcher and author of best-selling book Spin Selling, and Miriah Burton Nelson, author of The Unburdened Heart provide real-world examples of the principle