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Eric Briys, FranA§ois de Varenne

The Fisherman and the Rhinoceros : How International Finance Shapes Everyday Life

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ISBN: 047188961X, 9780471889618
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
'I cannot think of another book for the general public that so successfully unravels the mysteries of Financial Engineering and International Finance. Within the framework of three parables, myths of the modern financial economy are deftly exposed and replaced with a crisp overview of modern risk management. The rocket scientist, a rhinoceros, financial institutions, blink pearl fishermen, arbitrageurs, a Genoese Merchant are carefully woven into a rich fabric providing a guide to the origins, functions and inevitability of the 'virtual economy'. The Fisherman the Rhinoceros is a jewel - a must read.' - Lester Seigel, Fromer Head of Financial Engineering, International Bank of Reconstruction and Development 'The real function of capital markets is poorly understood by most people. The parables in this book help explain the many benefits provided by international capital markets. They illustrate how important the risk management function provided by capital markets is to...